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Locust Extra large Pre Pack

An ideal livefood for slower moving reptiles.

Live locusts are a good alternative to crickets and because they are slower-moving, are a good live food for reptiles with movement problems and disabilities. Their higher protein level is also beneficial for egg-laying lizards.

Locusts are strictly vegetarian. They eat fresh insecticide-free grass or cabbage and Progrub. Locusts are popular food for all sizes of lizards.

If a lizard keeper should over-feed there is no danger of Locusts biting the lizards back.

Locusts are particularly good for feeding indoors as any escapees will find it impossible to survive for long.

The Locusts should reach approximately 35-45mm. It is not only the size of Locusts that make them an attractive food source to predators, but the bright yellow wing case and abdomen, making a perfect treat for large chameleons or geckos. Locusts are also an excellent food for various small Primates, including Galagos, Marmosets, Tamarins etc.

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