Bags On Board Refill Scented bags

Pet Waste Pick up is a necessity. For responsible pet parents who enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, Bags on Board provides reliable solutions that make the job less yucky and are good for the environment.

Bags on Board bags are strong and durable waste bags that are thick enough to hold any mess and come in a variety of colours and scents, so you can add a little colour to your chore! Why should picking up pet waste be boring.

Bags on Board dog waste bags are made to keep hands clean and free from the messes your pet makes. They are simple to use and make cleaning up after your pet a mess-free chore.

Our bags are designed to be taken on the go! They fit into most dispensers and are always there when you need them.

Bags on Board Bags come double sealed so that none of the mess leaks through the bag keeping you away from any possible spills.Let’s face it, when you have to pick up after your furry friend, it’s better to have bags that do the job right! Bags on Board Bags are the perfect way to clean away your pet waste.

These bags are not only good for dogs, but work great as a way to get rid of kitty messes in litter trays. These bags are the perfect way to keep odours in the bag!