Whimzees Toothbrush

Now your dog will always want to brush their teeth. Made with all-natural ingredients, the vegetable-based texture will help remove plaque and tartar as they chew.

A fun, unique, knobbly shape that helps to ensure proper blood flow through the gums whilst also preventing the build up of tartar.

Easy to use as a satisfyingly long and textured treat.

Gluten-free and highly digestible providing important nutrients such as iron, phosphorous and calcium.
A unique vegetarian option that gives dogs the satisfaction of chewing a bone shape, which also maintains dental health.

  •  The Whimzees range is vegetarian with no added preservatives, and nothing artificial.
  •  Gluten and sugar free.
  •  Meat free.
  •  Manufactured to human-food grade standards.
  •  All natural ingredients.
  •  Only six primary, natural, ingredients.
  •  Fun, whimsical dental chews, fighting boredom whilst fighting plaque.
  •  Low in fat, high in fibre, aiding digestion.

– Potato Starch – A highly digestible, gluten-free source of energy.
– Glycerin – Increases palatability and helps the chews retain moisture.
– Powdered Cellulose – A form of dietary fibre that helps polish a dog?s teeth and aids digestive health.
– Lecithin – An all natural emulsifier derived from vegetables.
– Malt extract – Gluten-free and improves metabolism and muscle tones, whilst also promoting strong bones.
– Yeast – A source of B-Vitamins, minerals and amino acids for a healthier coat and easy digestion.

Secondary Ingredients:
– Rice – Found in the rice bone, is gluten-free, highly digestible with important nutrients such as iron, phosphorous and calcium.
– Alfalfa extract – Found in the all natural green colour, provides vitamins K, C and six Bs, and beta carotene.
– Annatto Extract – Found in the all natural orange colour, is a rich source of antioxidants from the Annatto fruit.
– Malt extract ? Enhances natural flavour in the all natural blown colour.